About Run4Life (History)

In early 2016, Power House International as part of her 20th year anniversary and community initiatives planned a “5k Run For Life” event. The objective was to raise £10,000 for three well known charities: Sickle Cell Society, Cancer Research and Richards House. The first race took place on Saturday 2nd April 16, and just over £8.5k was raised and distributed between the three charities.

The initial objectives (still the current objective) was

  • To enable various charitable groups within the borough to raise funds for their cause.
  • To revive social activities that may have shut down due to a shortage of funds and related resourcing challenges.
  • To promote peace, lift community spirit and improve relationships within the wider community. This event should help with the “One Borough” agenda.

The outcomes we perceived were

  • Improved relationship between the council, local businesses and other participating groups.
  • Social integration- various age/racial groups competing together.

Fast forward to 2018, we have seen the Run4life pull in funds for voluntary sector groups, social integration and partnerships with business, the local authority and voluntary sector groups.

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest possible designs.

Run4life is getting bigger and we aim to register between 500-750 runners within five years of this initial pilot